2009-05-07 09:10:12 by P1X3L

For not making any music.

I was just in the middle of a move and my internet is just getting hoocked up at my new place and so on, So I will work on some more material as soon as I can.

And as promised it will be a full song so be prepared!!!

Thanks P1x3L

My First Fans!!!

2009-03-29 03:41:38 by P1X3L

I would like to thank steven-polley for being my VERY First fan!!!


Who will be #2 - smitty0123

Who will be #3 - ElectricalBypass

Who will be #4 - FrickenHamster

Who will be #5 - LK412

New account!

2009-03-27 22:38:33 by P1X3L

So This is my Ng account. The name is random.

Hope you enjoy my music!